Hi, I’m Beth Digman, a third-generation small business owner, a former art teacher and lover of art itself, as well as the creator of Prairie Hills Pottery. Growing up in rural Wisconsin, I was always surrounded by family. With multiple generations passing down our family history, much of it came in the form of recipes.


Gathering around the table together was something we always treasured. From my mom, I learned the gift of stretching out a meal for 5 to feed an extra few guests when the opportunity arose to welcome others to join us. I also watched my father bring his business to life from basement startup to full-blown production line. Those special moments with family would later serve as part of my inspiration for Prairie Hills Pottery.


At Prairie Hills Pottery, we create custom ceramics that we personalize through restoring handwritten recipes, invitations, and letters. We transfer them onto food-safe, oven-safe, and hand-washable dishes to preserve them, making them an incredibly unique gift for any occasion – holidays, birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, and more.


After being an art teacher for 5 years, I discovered the ability to print onto ceramic. I became obsessed with this fascinating process and used it to apply to the recipe restoration process. As my business grew, I decided to take it full-time. Now as my daughters watch me in the way that I watched my father, I hope they’ll be the fourth generation of small business owners in the family.


In 2019, Prairie Hills Pottery was featured as part of Etsy’s holiday advertising campaign. It was thrilling because it helped me bring even more joy to others. My graphic design department is the heart and soul here as we lovingly restore those handwritten pieces from generations past.


We take great pride in the quality of our ceramic dishes. All items are hand finished and shipped from our shop located in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. I love having a cup of coffee while watching the glow of the kilns in the morning, and look forward to bringing these old writings back to life in a way people can preserve and treasure for generations.


Our favorite recipe is Grandma Sally’s Special K Bars, and we have many more recipes along with their histories to discover on our social media accounts:

Instagram: @phpottery

Facebook: @prairiehillspottery


I hope that I can create a special memento of a cherished loved one for your home or to give as a one-of-a-kind gift soon. 





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